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Commercial, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Energy Procurement, Energy Storage  -  February 6, 2017

Citi redesigns HQ with LEDs, ice storage, cogen plants

Part of a broader initiative to modernize its global headquarters in New York City, Citigroup has incorporated a series of smart energy features into the redesign of its building in Tribeca, including the installation of an ice storage plant. 

The global banking giant outlined the building's energy efficiency features in Jan. 25 blog post in which Citi announced its participation in New York City's "Carbon Challenge," which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the city's largest buildings by 30% or more over ten years. 

"Nearly everything about our redesigned headquarters — from its design to its technology — incorporates sustainability goals and initiatives that will support Citi's mission of enabling progress," the company said.

The ice storage plant, according to the blog post, will produce ice overnight to cool the building during the day. The system is expected to reduce the building's demand for electricity during peak periods.

The energy-related design features of the redesigned headquarters also includes a cogeneration plant will produce heat and electrical power, and LED Lighting that can reduce energy cost by about 5%. Citi said dimming controls and occupancy sensors will further contribute to energy savings in the building. 

Once the redesign is complete, Citi said it hopes to achieve LEED Platinum certification for the building.

New York City's Carbon Challenge is a voluntary pilot program that encourages commercial property owners and tenants to support the city's broader goal of achieving citywide greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 80% below 2005 levels by 2050, often referred to as "80 x 50."

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