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Commercial, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Industrial, Regulation  -  March 8, 2017

Reports: Trump aims to shutter Energy Star program

Among other anticipated changes and cuts to the U.S. EPA, E&E News reported March 6 that the Trump administration is planning to "close out" the Energy Star program

According to the publication, a preliminary budget proposal from the White House calls for the elimination of the energy efficiency program from federal leadership, slashing Energy Star and related program funding down to $5 million to be used "for the closeout or transfer of all the climate protection voluntary partnership programs." The draft also notes that achieving that end may require changes to authorizing legislation from Congress, E&E reported, citing a source who had seen the draft document. 

"EPA should begin developing legislative options and associated groundwork for transferring ownership and implementation of Energy Star to a non-governmental entity," the publication reported that the document reads. "EPA should also explore similar transfer opportunities for the remaining partnership programs as well."

The proposal, according to E&E, is still being exchanged between the White House and the EPA. The Washington Post also reported on the plans. 

The news follows reports that a draft version of the budget proposal would cut the agency's entire budget by about 24%. 

The Energy Star program, which was created in 1992 and is credited with having saved $362 billion on utility bills since then, is best known for its certification and labeling of products, such as heating and cooling systems and appliances, as well as of buildings and homes. Within the large commercial and industrial sector, the Energy Star program also offers resources, tools and recognition for companies that are implementing energy-saving strategies within their operations.

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