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Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Industrial, Solar  -  March 17, 2017

Air Force base to upgrade efficiency, add renewables

The U.S. Air Force base in Los Angeles, Calif., has entered into a 23-year contract with Honeywell that features energy efficiency and renewable energy projects expected to reduce its energy use by 17%. 

The project in total is expected to generate an estimated average of $800,000 in annual energy savings over the length of the contract, according to a recent news release. Over the contract term, the project is self-funding, Honeywell said. 

"As a critical location for the U.S. Air Force, we strive to ensure the services we provide meet the highest standards of excellence, and the same should be said of our building infrastructure," Los Angeles Air Force Base energy manager Ed Wilson said. "This project is a way for us to keep base facilities operating optimally and in the most environmentally and budget-sound way possible."

As part of the program, the Air Force base will see the installation of 3,400 rooftop solar photovoltaic modules on four buildings that will generate 1,275 kilowatts of power. Other improvements include:

  • Lighting upgrades, including the replacement of existing fluorescent and incandescent lighting fixtures with more energy-efficient LED bulbs at all locations, as well as the addition of occupancy sensors for local lighting control.
  • New rooftop air conditioning units, including the installation of 14 new high-efficiency units and temperature control upgrades.
  • Smart irrigation controls to replace existing manual controls at Fort MacArthur with new automated controllers for improved water conservation.
  • Overall building energy improvements, including new solar reflective window film at seven buildings for improved temperature control and energy conservation.
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