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Fuel cells to slash energy costs for Connecticut IKEA

Fuel cell installation at IKEA's New Haven, Conn., store provided by IKEA. 

Expanding its use of fuel cell systems across its U.S. locations, IKEA recently flipped the switch on its first such east coast project at its store in New Haven, Conn.

Similar to its projects in California, the Bloom Energy-designed system is intended to complement the store's existing rooftop solar array. Store manager Christoff Stein was quoted by local TV channel WTNH as saying it will deliver half of the power needed to operate the store and cut its energy costs in half. 

In a news release, IKEA said the 250-kw project will produce approximately 2,081,376 kWh of electricity annually for the store. Combined with its other installations, which include five projects in California, IKEA is on track to generate 1.5 MW of energy in total via fuel cells, supplementing onsite solar arrays atop all these stores.

IKEA has big sustainability goals that include its use of renewable energy: The company is aiming to be energy independent by 2020. In addition to its use of renewable energy, IKEA has incorporated energy use reduction measures into buildings with energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems. 

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