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Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  March 30, 2017

LED lighting rollout to save GM $2.3M per year

General Motors Co. is expecting to achieve energy savings of about $2.3 million a year going forward following the installation of more than 45,000 LED lighting fixtures across 32 of its global facilities. 

The motion sensor fixtures from Current, the energy management "startup" launched within General Electric in late 2015, are expected to reduce the Detroit-based automaker's lighting-related energy consumption by 60%, according a joint news release from the companies. The connectivity-capable LEDs open the door to future productivity and energy management possibilities, the companies said. 

"We manage many energy-intensive operations as an automaker, so energy efficiency is critical and integrated into our business plan," General Motors Global Energy Manager Al Hildreth said in a statement. "Current's LED lighting has helped us reduce power demand by 7 megawatts. GM will continue to pursue a variety of energy-saving technologies to achieve additional cost savings and carbon reduction."

GM has committed to reducing its energy intensity 20% by 2020 using a 2010 baseline. To date, the company says it has made a 14% reduction. Those energy efficiency efforts also represent one piece of GM's four-pillar approach to achieving its goal of using 100% renewable energy to power its global operations by 2050. 


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