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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage  -  April 19, 2017

Kilroy Realty adopts 'hybrid electric building' fleet

Kilroy Realty Corp. is planning to install advanced energy management systems at five of its buildings in Southern California. 

The Los Angeles-based real estate investment trust's buildings will be part of a 200-MWh grid modernization project being deployed by Advanced Microgrid Solutions for Southern California Edison, according to an April 19 announcement. The five KRC buildings selected for the project will be equipped with advanced energy management systems that AMS says will improve energy efficiency and reduce peak demand.

Additionally, AMS says the storage systems will provide 11 MWh of fast, automated demand response to SCE with no impact on building operations or tenants, augmenting Kilroy's current award-winning demand response program. Similar to other AMS projects, the buildings will incorporate outdoor Tesla Powerpack systems. 

"At KRC, we pride ourselves in offering our tenants work environments that lead the world in innovation, efficiency and sustainability" Kilroy Vice President of Sustainability Sara Neff said in a statement. "Equipping our buildings with the most advanced energy management systems allows us to be part of the solution to today's biggest energy challenges while maintaining world-class services to our tenants and guests." 

At five of Kilroy's class A commercial office buildings, the systems, which range in size from 1,500 kWh to 3,000 kWh each,  will continuously optimize energy resources and automatically control costs by shifting the building to battery power based on price and demand response signals from SoCalEd, a subsidiary of Edison International. 

The announcement follows news of Wal-Mart's agreement to deploy similar AMS systems at select retail stores. As with Wal-Mart's systems, Kilroy's will allow SoCalEd to tap into the advanced energy storage systems to reduce demand on the grid.

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