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Commercial, Wind  -  September 14, 2017

M&M's launches marketing campaign for wind

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A week after parent company Mars outlined a bold new sustainability commitment, M&M's on Sept. 14 launched a new marketing campaign advocating the use of wind energy.

As one of the company's most iconic brands, M&M's said it will use its colorful spokescandies to explain the importance of tackling climate change to consumers and explain how wind energy fits in. The "Fans of Wind" campaign will put M&M's "Red" and "Yellow" characters to work as advocates. 

Mars says it sources enough wind power to meet the energy needed to produce all the M&M's sold in the world. In the U.S., the power from its partnership with the 200-MW Mesquite Creek Wind Farm in Texas is enough to cover all its operations in the country.

"Fans of Wind energy helps shine a light on one reason why everyone should care about wind energy: because climate change is real and businesses need to be a part of the solution," the company said in a news release

Mars said it believes the more consumers engage in dialogue about addressing climate change, renewable energy and a healthy planet, the more the world will change. 

"One M&M'S candy on its own can seem small, but we know our brand can have a big impact on the world by doing what's right to combat climate change," said de Pablos-Barbier, president of Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S. "Thanks to the love consumers have for the brand, we're hoping to make a bigger impact. Each of our consumers has the power to take small steps to increase their use of renewable energy to make big strides in ensuring the future health of our planet."

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