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Utilities, Regulation, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  September 18, 2017

Community solar programs take shape in Illinois

Following the passage of the "Future Energy Jobs Act," through the Illinois state Legislature, utilities and regulators have begun work on the formation of community solar programs, according to Midwest Energy News. 

The publication reported Sept. 14 that the Commonwealth Edison, or ComEd, a utility subsidiary of Exelon Corp., in August proposed terms and conditions for community solar programs with the Illinois Commerce Commission. Additionally, Ameren Illinois, has filed suggested changes to its net metering policies with the commission that would apply as the state incorporates community solar. 

Midwest Energy News reported

So far, the filings are relatively narrow in scope, setting the table for bigger debates over how community solar and other aspects of Illinois’ changing energy landscape impact ratepayers. Both utilities are essentially defining the terms of how consumers will be credited in a community solar arrangement, and a decision by the ICC is expected by the end of the month.

Once implemented, Illinois will be the second Midwest state to adopt a statutory, statewide community solar program, following in the footsteps of Minnesota, which has already enabled adoption of solar-generated electricity for a number of large commercial and industrial companies such as Land O'Lakes, Macy's and Ecolab Inc. 

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