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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage  -  February 6, 2018

Kilroy Realty to deploy AI-powered storage

Kilroy Realty Corporation announced plans to deploy more than 7.5 MWh of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven energy storage across eight commercial buildings in California.

Stem will install its Athena™-powered storage in 2018 at four KRC office buildings in San Francisco and another four in Los Angeles during this year. These eight buildings represent about 20% of KRC’s stabilized office portfolio. The KRC systems will be linked to a digitally-connected storage network that "uses the systems when idle to support strained local grids and enable higher penetrations of clean power in the community," according to a statement from Stem. Black Bear Energy Inc. helped facilitate KRC’s selection of Stem to provide this storage.

  "Intelligent energy storage helps reduce the environmental footprint of our building operations," said Sara Neff, senior vice president of sustainability at KRC. "Black Bear’s expertise with clean energy and Stem’s AI-powered solution will help us achieve our environmental goals while helping to modernize the grid, which is a natural alignment with our business vision."

"When it comes to real estate and energy storage for commercial buildings, it’s the brains behind the batteries that differentiate solutions. KRC is a renowned innovator in the real estate industry, and we are proud to support their corporate sustainability plans," said John Carrington, ceo of Stem. "Real estate leaders recognize Stem’s innovative model and unparalleled experience, which allows us to execute with precision, address siting constraints, and deploy quickly."


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