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Energy Procurement, Energy Storage, Solar  -  May 7, 2018

Tesla energy storage up, solar down

Tesla almost tripled its entire 2017 energy storage deployment volume in the first quarter of 2018 alone, while its solar deployments have declined to the lowest level since 2014.

A report in PV Magazine noted Tesla’s deployment of 373 MWh during the first quarter of the year, a 161% increase over Q4 2017 and 621% larger than Q1 2017. The report also said that during the company’s recent investor call, “Elon Musk also suggested that a gigawatt-sized energy storage system will be announced within the next few months,” adding, “As there have been no official announcements of a 1 GWh energy storage system, this might become be the first.”

On the other hand, Tesla’s solar power deployments declined to 76 MW during Q1 2017, the lowest level since 78 MW recorded in Q3 2013. On an annual basis, 448 MW were installed during the last 12 months, close to the low of 429 posted in 2014.

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