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Energy Storage, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  May 28, 2018

U of Texas develops new solar storage system

The University of Texas’s Cockrell School of Engineering has developed a system integrating solar power and storage systems with the potential to halve costs.

The Texas Department of Energy has awarded researchers at the University $3 million to accelerate research in battery storage technology to overcome the “Achilles heel” of solar power, according to a report in PV Magazine.

Electrical and computer engineering professor Alex Huang said: “Our solution to solar energy storage not only reduces capital costs but it also reduces the operation cost through its multifunctional capabilities. These functionalities will ensure the power grids of tomorrow can host a higher percentage of solar energy.”

The M4 inverter system, referred to as the next generation of utility-scale PV inverters by engineering researchers, is more compact than current systems and carries the primary function of converting the DC output of solar panels to medium-voltage alternating current. The result is increased efficiency, lower installation costs, reliable operation through power back-ups, and prevention of black-outs on solar grids thanks to a built-in fast frequency control.

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