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Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Solar  -  June 21, 2018

Honda installs on-site solar in Calif.

Honda announced the premiere on June 21 of a new solar energy system at the American Honda Motor Co., Inc. campus in Torrance, Calif.  At 2 megawatts, the project is one of the largest solar arrays on a commercial building in Southern California and one of Honda's largest on-site renewable energy installations anywhere in the world.

"Installing the solar and battery system on Honda's Torrance campus is a win-win-win solution that will help Honda reach its renewable energy goals, save money and reduce CO2 emissions," said Ryan Harty, manager of connected and environmental business development and engineering at American Honda. "Charging electric vehicles with sunshine is also very satisfying for our associates. The transition to renewable energy and electric transportation go hand-in-hand."

The new solar array features more than 6,000 solar panels and is expected to generate approximately 3,000 MWh annually. It will offset 30 percent of purchased electricity for the entire American Honda Torrance, Calif. campus. Solar energy also will provide 100% of the electric vehicle charging energy in the facility’s parking lot. The statement noted that a Honda-developed cloud-based energy management system can control electric vehicle charging to match solar generation at the 60 EV charging stations to maximize the amount of solar energy used to charge the vehicles.

According to the statement, the solar array on the Honda campus is connected in parallel to three large lithium ion batteries that improve the integration of renewable energy with the electric grid, smoothing out the abrupt changes in power generation that occur, for example, when a cloud covers the sun. The batteries – a 500 kW / 1,000 kWh and two 100kW / 200kWh batteries – also even out the buildings' power usage and reduce demand charges, resulting in significant utility cost savings.

This new solar array expands Honda's ongoing commitment to reduce its environmental footprint by developing and implementing renewable energy projects throughout its operations. Honda has targeted a 50% reduction in its total company CO2 emissions on a global basis by 2050, compared to the year 2000.

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