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July 4, 2018

The Home Depot posts 20%+ decline in energy use

The Home Depot® announced that its stores have cut energy use 23.5 percent since 2010, exceeding the company's goal to reduce consumption by 20 percent by 2020, three years ahead of schedule.

As part of its 2018 Responsibility Report, "A Year of Progress," the company said, "The simplest way to reduce emissions from energy use is to use less energy.  At The Home Depot, we maximize this strategy, constantly looking for ways to cut consumption and improve efficiencies. Our efforts are good for our business, as well as the environment.” Among improvements made in 2017 was the installation of energy-efficient heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems in 91 stores. In the last six years, energy-efficient HVAC units have been installed in 334 stores, while 216 stores featured alternative energy projects by the end of 2017.

Among other highlights in the report under the banner of "Smart Energy Use," the company reported participation in several on- and off-site renewable energy projects including the purchase of energy from the Los Mirasoles Wind Farm near McAllen, Texas,  wind farm in northeast Texas, as well as 34 rooftop solar projects at stores averaging 104,000 square feet.

Greenhouse gases from U.S. logistics were reduced by 8% during the year. The company also reduced its Scope 3 upstream transportation and distribution of freight greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent.

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