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Energy Efficiency, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  July 17, 2018

NASA reaches for solar power in Alabama

Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama has completed the addition of a 120-kW rooftop solar array, featuring more than 370 solar panels on one of the center’s newer buildings.

A report in Solar Power World noted that this installation was created for one of the Center's newer buildings, which have been designed to be more technologically advanced and create a smaller footprint. The report added, "Over the years, NASA has made an effort to replace and revitalize many of the pre-Apollo era facilities at Marshall Space Flight Center."

The solar array was installed at NASA’s Alabama location by Hannah Solar Government Services and is identical in design to an array created by the same company for NASA in 2013. The solar panels were manufactured by Mission Solar Energy (MSE).  "We are pleased that NASA has chosen to incorporate solar in its new building construction plans at the Marshall Space Flight Center. Our team is proud to design, engineer and assemble our solar panels in the U.S. and we are honored to deploy our technology to projects like this," said Jae Yang, president & CEO of MSE.

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