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August 8, 2018

Golden State Foods goes electric

Golden State Foods (GSF), a supplier to the foodservice and retail industries, will participate in Duke Energy’s electrification project, installing a total of 32 electric power outlets to help trucks at its distribution center in Wake County, N.C. cut costs and lower emissions

"Incorporating renewable energy at all GSF facilities and fleets is a priority, and part of our fundamental values and GSF's 2020 sustainability goals," said Gregg Tartlon, general manager, GSF Garner in a statement. "These new electric power outlets are estimated to save Garner nearly $110,000 a year, resulting in 80,000 gallons of fuel saved for our 65 trucks. There are 15 GSF and Quality Custom Distribution (a GSF-owned company) centers currently leveraging this type of technology."

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), long-duration truck idling results in more than 1 billion gallons of wasted fuel and 11 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. On average, an hour of idling uses a gallon of fuel.

"Duke Energy is a strong believer in the benefits of electrification for our industrial customers," said Clark Gillespy, senior vice president, Economic Development at Duke Energy. "At Golden State Foods, truck idling will be lessened – saving money, lowering noise levels and reducing air emissions." This is Duke Energy's third project in North Carolina using electricity to power trucks instead of idling engines.


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