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Energy Efficiency, Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  September 11, 2018

Lyft commits to carbon neutrality and 100% RE

Lyft announced it is now a fully carbon neutral company and has committed to purchase enough renewable energy to cover the electricity consumption of its entire company.

The company reported in its Lyft Blog, "Our first step was to create a carbon offset program, a multi-million dollar investment in 2018 alone, offsetting over a million metric tons of carbon. This ensures all Lyft rides are carbon neutral and has made Lyft one of the top 10 voluntary purchasers of carbon offsets on the planet. Lyft has also partnered with public transit agencies across the US, set a goal to achieve 50% shared rides by the end of 2020, and launched a bikes & scooters program." This was followed by the announcement on Sept. 10 that the company would now purchase enough carbon offsets to neutralize the remainder of their emissions.

Lyft has also committed “to purchase enough renewable energy to cover the electricity consumption of every Lyft office space, driver hub, and electric vehicle miles on our platform.” The company intends to make direct purchases from local utility partners where available, with the first purchase coming in San Francisco through the city’s CleanPowerSF program.

Lyft will purchase RECs through 3Degrees if a direct supply is not available. "The credits come from renewable energy projects generating clean power on the same regional electricity grids that we use to power our offices and driver hubs, and that our electric vehicle drivers use to charge their cars," according to the company.  Among these regional projects are wind farms in Maine and Colorado, a woody biomass facility in Georgia, and a dairy digester in Michigan.

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