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Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  October 30, 2018

Better Plants Program Partners save $5.3B in energy costs

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings, Better Plants program partners have posted savings of more than $5.3 billion in cumulative energy costs, which represents approximately 12% of the U.S manufacturing energy footprint.

General Motors, Legrand North America, and C.F. Martin & Company, three Better Plants Challenge partners, have each reached their goal to reduce energy intensity in their U.S. facilities by 25% within 10 years. In addition to these goals, Challenge partners also commit to sharing their solutions, successes, and best practices. 

Seven Better Plants Program partners have also met achieved their goal of reducing energy intensity in their facilities by 25% within 10 years, including Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Complete Design & Packaging, Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies Division, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Lockheed Martin, Owens Corning, and ThyssenKrupp Elevator.

 According to a statement from the DOE, the program has recognized 12 new program partners, as well as 10 partners that have achieved their energy or water savings goal this year. The total number of partners who have achieved their goals is now 53 of more than 200 in the program. An additional 12 partners received Better Practice and Better Project awards for exceptional energy efficiency solutions.


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