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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  March 29, 2019

Missoula goes green at new airport terminal

The Missoula International Airport is adding energy efficiency and emission reductions to its plans for a new terminal. Airport officials from Montana will meet this week with the FAA to pursue a Voluntary Airport Low Emissions grant to provide funding for equipment to reduce the airport’s carbon footprint.

A report by the Missoula Current noted the grand was created by the FAA in 2004 to aid commercial service airports in areas with substandard or challenging air quality. Qualified projects generate Airport Emissions Reduction Credits, which can be used to meet future emission regulation requirements. This may include converting to electric ground vehicles and providing remote ground power to parked aircraft to heat and cool the cabin.

“Instead of running the APU auxiliary power unit, which is really another jet engine, it creates an umbilical cord to the building so the aircraft can run power much cheaper,” said deputy airport director Brian Ellestad. “We also can look at electric ground vehicles and potentially work with our airline partners to do something like that.”

With the new terminal project under way in Missoula, the report noted, “the airport also looks to expand its geothermal system and install energy efficiency measures. That includes more efficient systems, water savings, a focus on trash reduction, and modern window assemblies.”

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