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Commercial, Energy Efficiency  -  July 30, 2019

Dunkin' Brands highlights green achievement

Dunkin’ Brands’ green achievement announced that more than 340 Dunkin’ U.S. restaurants have met “DD Green Achievement” standards, a program designed to help their franchisees build more sustainable and energy-efficient restaurants. The company is on target to open 500 DD Green Achievement restaurants by the end of 2020.

The company set a goal to reduce energy consumption by 20% by 2025 through the program. Efficiency elements include LED lighting, high-efficiency mechanical equipment, and low-flow faucets. The report noted that “data submitted by a statistically significant sample of DD Green Achievement restaurants in 2018 indicate that DD Green Achievement restaurants, on average, are performing better than designed. DD Green Achievement restaurants reduce energy use by approximately 31% when compared to conventional Dunkin’ locations.”

These results are part of Dunkin’ Brands’ just-released 2017-2018 Sustainability Report. "We are proud of the progress we are making to serve our guests in an even more responsible manner -- from eliminating foam cups, introducing plant-based proteins and vegan options, strengthening the sustainability of our coffee supply, giving back to our communities through our Foundation and more," said Karen Raskopf, Dunkin' Brands' Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer. "Yet, we know there is work still to be done. Our brands are on a journey of transformation, and our franchisees, employees, and suppliers are committed to getting there in a way that is not only sustainable but also strong, smart and kind."

Dunkin Brands launched a new store prototype in 2018 incorporating all elements of the DD Green Achievement program. The report said, "Our Next Generation concept store is now being utilized for newly initiated Dunkin’ U.S. restaurant projects. This new design allows new Dunkin’ restaurants in the U.S. to operate more efficiently compared to our previous
store design."


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