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Commercial, Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency  -  September 26, 2019

Md. community center implements efficiency software

A community center in Frederick, Md., is rolling out microgrid connectivity and control solutions to the facility infrastructure to track the efficiency of the energy on campus used on a real-time basis.

Bar-T, a facility that includes after-school childcare, summer day camps, outdoor education and corporate team building and events teamed up with Blue Pillar, a network solution provider for facility-based data and control systems, and TimberRock Advanced Energy for the project.

Blue Pillar’s Aurora grid-edge, IoT connectivity and control platform will connect, control and provide real-time energy data from the multiple distributed energy resources already installed at the facility. This system provides the owners and TimberRock with the ability to execute control commands for these assets based upon a real-time analysis of both site and market variables.

In 2006, the owners of Bar-T expanded the facility, including the addition of an outdoor recreation facility on 115 acres of farmland. On that land, they built onsite Solar PV, battery storage and a wind turbine to help power their campus-wide facilities.

“In 2016, Blue Pillar launched a new initiative that we called Facility of the Future, which is a blueprint for addressing the energy needs of Commercial and Industrial customers showcasing how edge connectivity and control can bolster energy efficiency, resiliency, and self-sufficiency solutions,” Blue Pillar CEO Tom Willie said in a statement. “By layering TimberRock’s greenhouse gas tracking software on top of our IoT network, we are demonstrating how the Facility of the Future can fundamentally change how to utilize energy and interact with the grid.”

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