Beyond the Meter Podcast - Episode 3: Corporate Deployment of EV Charging Infrastructure - Smart Energy Decisions

Energy Efficiency, Sourcing Renewables  -  September 27, 2019

Beyond the Meter Podcast - Episode 3: Renewable Energy Sourcing in Higher Education

The third episode of Smart Energy Decisions' Beyond the Meter podcast focuses on the use of renewable energy by institutions of higher education. These campuses are massive consumers of energy who are also in the business of learning and teaching - a combo that makes them ideal laboratories for innovation and advancement in the field.

Guests Wolfgang Bauer, associate vice president, Michigan State University and Scott Therien, project development manager, REC Solar, join host John Failla to share their views on the adoption of renewable energy sourcing by universities, the status of electric vehicles on campus,  and what the future of energy holds for higher education

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