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Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  October 2, 2019

Ben & Jerry's serves clean energy campaign

Ben & Jerry’s is continuing its commitment to the environment by teaming up with the Sierra Club for a 12-city campaign advocating 100% clean energy.

The “Ready for 100” campaign was first launched by the Sierra Club in 2016. The new partnership with the ice cream manufacturer will include a social media initiative to advance the goal of powering the U.S. with 100% clean and renewable energy.

The partnership between the Sierra Club and Ben & Jerry’s was formed earlier this summer in Burlington, Vt., a city already powered by 100% clean energy and leading the fight for the transition from fossil fuels across the country.

Events for the “Ready for 100” campaign will be held at 12 Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shops across the country where community members will be asked to share their thoughts on the importance of a healthy, sustainable planet powered by clean energy. Participants will even be rewarded for discussing the importance of advancing local clean energy solutions with a free kid’s size scoop of ice cream.

"We have a long history of fighting for climate justice and looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our business," Chris Miller, Ben & Jerry's Global Social Mission Manager, said in a statement. "As a food company that sources ingredients from all around the world, climate change is already impacting our business. We, and the Sierra Club, understand the urgency of this moment. We truly do not have time to waste."

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