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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  October 10, 2019

Cargill joins maritime partnership to cut shipping emissions

A collection of bulk shipping services companies joined together in a collaboration to accelerate the reduction of global greenhouse gases within the shipping industry alongside the International Maritime Organization’s target to cut emissions 50% by 2050.

The collaboration between Cargill, Maersk Tankers and Misui & Co. will include efforts to help charters, shipowners and operators address their environmental challenges and increase the sustainability of the maritime industry so that is can be more commercially viable. The companies will together invest in fuel-saving technologies in order to make vessels more fuel-efficient.

“We are excited to bring together three of the largest players in their respective maritime market segments to actively make shipping more sustainable,” George Wells, global head of assets and structuring at Cargill Ocean Transportation, said in a statement. “With the right expertise, transparency and collaboration, we can make changes to vessels and contracts that will significantly reduce shipping's GHG footprint.”

The partnership plans to test and optimize vessel performance using those technologies owned by each individual party. Cargill will provide access to its extensive fleet, Maersk Tankers will contribute its technology for enhancing the technical performance of tankers and Mitsui & Co. will offer comprehensive vessel construction and trading consulting.

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