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Energy Storage, GHG Emissions, Microgrids, Sourcing Renewables  -  December 11, 2019

University of Iowa rolls out 50-year energy improvement project

The University of Iowa finalized a 50-year concession for the implementation of a variety of energy projects across its two campuses in an effort to transition toward coal-free energy production by January 2025.

The university partnered with ENGIE North America and Meridiam for the $1 billion project, which will include initiatives in renewable energy, microgrids, energy storage and other sustainability technologies. Additionally, ENGIE will begin to operate, maintain, optimize and improve the in-campus utility systems through a dedicated network of heating, cooling and electricity systems.

The campus energy transition will be implemented through a 50/50 split in participation from Meridiam and ENGIE in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

“The University of Iowa is pleased to partner with ENGIE and Meridiam over the next 50 years in order to deliver on the UI’s strategic plan, which is focused on the success of students; research and discovery; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and engagement,” UI President Bruce Harreld said in a statement. “With ENGIE and Meridiam, the university has found partners who share our values of investing in our people, improving sustainability, and transitioning toward a zero-carbon footprint.”

The partnership will also allow students, faculty and staff to participate in internships, projects and research opportunities involving innovation in the energy sphere.

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