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Commercial, Demand Management, Industrial  -  January 29, 2020

Salt River Project launches C&I demand response program

Salt River Project is launching a demand response program in the Phoenix metropolitan area that will help commercial and industrial customers to reduce their energy usage during periods of peak demand.

The project is underway with the help of Enel X  to meet the grid’s increased demand as the population in the area rises without needing to build new power infrastructure. Customers participating in the program can earn payments for committing to reducing their electricity consumption temporarily when demand on the system is highest.

“SRP is eager to build the commercial component of its demand response initiative as SRP is strategically planning to include demand response as a portion of its overall resource portfolio,” Dan Dreiling, SRP director of Customer Programs, said in a statement. “The Business Demand Response program is also an important part of SRP’s long-term plan to meet this element of its 2035 Sustainability Goals.”

The program is meant to ensure grid reliability in the Phoenix area. The agreement allows Enel X to recruit C&I customers from within SRP’s territory and manage the portfolio of C&I demand response resources, helping to reduce peak demand and support the integration of planned renewable resources within SRP’s distribution network.

The program is planned to run from May to October, where the stress on the grid is the highest. 

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