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Finance, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  April 18, 2020

Weekend reads: Building a green economy post-Covid; Biden and Sanders team up on climate

It's the weekend! Kick back and catch up with these must-read articles from around the web.

BlackRock, Morgan Stanley to utilities: Tackle climate-related risks or lose market value (Utility Dive) Financial market data shows utilities that address risks associated with the changing climate see significant benefits, and utilities that do not lose market value. Analyses from BlackRock, Morgan Stanley and others reflect what the world is learning in the COVID-19 fight: Aggressive action proactively addressing systemic risk produces better outcomes than pretending there is little risk. For utilities, the data shows that addressing climate-related risks with system hardening and emissions reductions attracts investors and shifts stock valuations, while relying on business as usual discourages investors and increases stock price volatility.

Use Lessons Of COVID-19 To Build A Green Recovery, Say EU Ministers (Forbes) The coronavirus pandemic should intensify efforts to take bold action against climate change, and a low-carbon transition must be at the heart of recovery plans in the wake of the crisis. That was the message from thirteen European climate and environment ministers who circulated an open letter on Thursday. “The lesson from the COVID-19 crisis is that early action is essential,” the signatories stated. “Therefore, we need to maintain ambition in order to mitigate the risks and costs of inaction from climate change and biodiversity losses.”

Fuel Cell Experts Argue for Cleaner Commercial Trucks (Transport Topics) The trucking industry needs to continue adopting electric technologies such as fuel cells in order to combat pollution, experts said April 14. A webinar hosted by the California Hydrogen Business Council, along with ACT News, emphasized that the trucking sector needs to be more green and highlighted efforts already taken by companies and the government. “We have an emissions problem, which is projected to get worse in the coming years,” said Alan Mace, market manager at Ballard Power Systems. “Global economies continue to entwine, and we are increasingly dependent on the movement of freight by trucks.”

Biden and Sanders vow joint climate work as part of endorsement (Axios) Part of Bernie Sanders' endorsement of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is a new plan for them to form joint "task forces" on six big topics, including climate change. Why it matters: Time will tell, but I'll be watching to see if it leads to substantial changes in Biden's climate platform, which has disappointed the left even though it goes far beyond Obama-era policies. Biden already rolled out changes to his health care and student debt policies last week designed to appeal to Sanders' backers.
Driving the news: The two men said they would form task forces on climate, health care, criminal justice, immigration, the economy and education. Axios' Alexi McCammond writes that it's a sign of Biden's continued outreach to the progressive wing of the party.

'Off the grid' might be the way to go during the coronavirus era ... if you have a boat (Punta Gorda Sun) In the age of coronavirus, living on a boat might be one of the best ways to social distance. Punta Gorda resident and regular Charlotte Harbor liveaboard Warren Thames has been spending his recent days in waters around the Florida Keys. “We (as liveaboards) feel like we are actually safer than those ashore because of the space, fresh air and (are) away from crowds and people,” Thames said. “This is a great time to be living ‘off the grid’ as most liveaboards are self-sufficient with solar energy and water makers.”

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