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GHG Emissions  -  April 20, 2020

NJ to invest in electrification of transportation sector

The administration of New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced April 17 that they will be funneling 75% of the funds received from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative into electrifying the state’s transportation sector. 

It is estimated that the state will be receiving $80 million each year through the initiative, NJ Spotlight reported. A secondary focus after electrifying the transportation will be addressing poor air quality in low- and moderate-income communities.

“The RGGI Strategic Funding Plan demonstrates how our state agencies collaborate to help create a brighter future for all New Jerseyans, especially our environmental justice communities,” Gov. Murphy said in a statement outlining the initial plans for the full $80 million project to address greenhouse gas emissions in the state. “As our State responds to COVID-19, we see up close the vital link between public health and economic development, the same relationship that drives our Administration’s efforts to reduce health risks from pollution and climate change through initiatives that also grow our clean energy economy. As we work to ensure that our economy recovers from this pandemic, the investments made under this Plan will promote health, equity, and environmental protection, helping us build a stronger and fairer New Jersey.”

A majority of the funds intended for the electrification of the transportation sector will be directed toward NJ Transit buses and infrastructure and medium- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles in densely populated communities. The funds will be split among the New Jersey Economic Development Agency (60%), the state Board of Public Utilities (20%) and the state Department of Environmental Protection (20%).

The BPU will also focus on carbon sequestration projects in high-pollutant areas.

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