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Finance, Solar  -  June 12, 2020

Ohio school district completes 789 kW solar project

Hicksville Public Schools in Ohio has completed a 789 kW ground-mounted solar array that is expected to produce more than 30,000 MWh over the life of the project.

The 2,106-panel solar system was developed by a partnership between New Energy Equity, New Resource Solutions and Solscient Energy and will be owned by Powell Associates.

Hicksville Schools has implemented a series of clean energy initiatives over the past 10 years and expects this solar project to deliver significant cost savings over the next 25 years.

The project was constructed on previously unused land behind Hicksville Village school and features a single-axis tracker tracking system that is designed to maximize energy production.

"This project is one our district has researched for the past couple years,” Superintendent Keith Countryman said in a statement. “We are excited to have it up and running and look forward to the substantial savings it will provide the district.”


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