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Commercial, Solar  -  June 23, 2020

Simon & Schuster completes 2 MW rooftop solar installation

Simon & Schuster announced June 16 that they completed a 2 MW rooftop solar installation at their Riverside Distribution facility in Delran, N.J.

The project is expected to generate 2.2 million kW of energy annually, which will offset a third of the facility’s onsite energy use. The solar system was installed by EnterSolar in partnership with the book publishing giant.

“We are proud to have brought this project to completion and thrilled for the opportunity to generate eco friendly, renewable energy that will significantly reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to a greater resilience of our warehouse operations from grid outages,” Ramon Gonzalez, Director of Facilities at Simon & Schuster, said in a statement.

The solar project was predicted by the EPA to have the equivalent environmental benefits of saving 900 acres of forest.

“We are delighted to have worked with Simon & Schuster on this important project,” Audrey VinantTang, Manager of Global Sourcing at ViacomCBS, commented. “The Riverside facility has for years been a linchpin of Simon & Schuster’s distribution operations, and serves as a natural home for our largest solar installation to date. This project demonstrates that doing the right thing for the environment and for our business is attainable, by generating substantial cost reductions under a power purchase agreement, while also reducing our carbon footprint.”

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