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Energy Efficiency  -  June 26, 2020

Univ. of Notre Dame to upgrade energy management system

The University of Notre Dame announced June 24 that they are in the process of implementing a building management system for over 95 buildings across campus that will allow them to have increased levels of operational data visibility and control to better manage building performance, occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

The Indiana-based university is implementing Schneider Electric’s EcoStructure Building 3.0 system, which will be managed by Havel, a Schneider Electric building management system EcoXpert business partner. The system will also allow new levels of IP connectivity, building analytics, integration with metering and facility operations and increased cybersecurity.

"The University of Notre Dame campus is the largest EcoStruxure Building project with Havel in the U.S.," Justin Lavoie, vice president of channel development at Schneider Electric, said in a statement. "This is due in large part to our ongoing collaboration with Havel, a Master BMS EcoXpert partner, who has implemented Schneider Electric technology and solutions on campus for more than 25 years. We're excited to work with Havel to expand our EcoStruxure footprint at the University of Notre Dame, especially in support of its ongoing work to improve efficiency and sustainability."

Notre Dame previously set a target in 2010 to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% before 2030. The university already achieved this goal through the use of energy-efficient practices, energy management solutions and sustainable and distributed energy resources.

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