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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Sourcing Renewables  -  July 17, 2020

LA Community College District plans to cut use of carbon-based energy

The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) adopted last week the Clean Energy and Sustainability resolution, calling for the elimination of carbon-based electricity consumption by 2030 and the elimination of all other carbon-based energy use by 2040.

The district intends to replace the carbon-based energy with renewable and sustainable energy sources and the resolution calls for an investment of $75 million into energy efficiency and sustainability projects, programs and jobs, including on-site generation and energy storage projects. The plan also calls for converting 25% of existing parking stalls for zero-emission vehicles, installing EV chargers at the district’s colleges and facilities and expediting storm-water capture and groundwater recharge projects.

“Our action reaffirms that this District can, and will, have a positive impact in the fight against climate change being caused by the use of carbon-based fuel and energy,” Steve Veres, the Board of Trustees vice president who chairs the Board’s Facilities and Master Planning Oversight Committee, said in a statement. “Since 2001, the District has committed to incorporating pro-environmental design concepts into our BuildLACCD capital improvement program and this resolution sets realistic goals to ensure all District operations are environmentally sustainable and responsibly managed assets while also dedicating $75 million to support our efforts and help create hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs in the process.”

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