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GHG Emissions, Sourcing Renewables, Wind  -  July 27, 2020

SED Profiles in Partnership: McDonald's Super-Sizes a Commitment to Sustainability

McDonald's recently signed a VPPA for 220 MW from Aviator Wind West - the country's largest single-phase, single-site wind project -  developed by Apex Clean Energy in Texas. 

Read this case study to learn how the deal came together, beginning at the  Smart Energy Decisions Innovation Summit, where McDonald's Emma Cox arrived in search of renewable energy supply opportunities to help her company achieve its science-based target to reduce GHG emissions from their offices and restaurants by 36% by 2030, 


Smart Energy Decisions' Virtual Distributed Energy Forum is set for September 21-25. Energy management and sustainability executives can submit an application to attend at this link;  interested suppliers can submit an application here.

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