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Energy Efficiency  -  August 11, 2020

Maine public schools implement LED incentive program

Fifty-six schools in Maine were awarded funds for LED upgrades in a program that dished out $825,000 in efficiency incentives, with another $101,000 currently pending.

Efficiency Maine launched their enhanced LED incentives for public schools that will increase the current incentive of 24 cents per kWh saved in the first year up to 30 cents per kWh, Energy News reported. The original application date of March was extended through the summer to allow schools and contractors the time needed to pursue the LED incentive despite Covid-related delays.

“We wanted to adjust our program promotions to help out the electrical contractor community, who was seeing a reduction in work, and to marry that with what we realized was going to be an extended period of schools being vacant,” Michael Stoddard, Efficiency Maine’s executive director, told the publication.

The LED projects will be spread out to classrooms, common areas and outdoor spots at public schools across Maine, from the urban areas like Portland to the northern rural areas. 

The department for transportation, facilities and food services for Bridgton-based Lake Region Schools contributed around $4,500 toward lighting upgrades that cost almost $22,00 and expects that the energy cost savings will allow that investment to be paid back within a year. Limestone Community School received $38,000 to put toward a $60,000 lighting project, which they expect to be paid back in the next two to three years.

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