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Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  October 15, 2020

Anaheim bus system plans solar-powered EV charging hub

The Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) announced Sept. 22 a 20-year contract for the management of the charging infrastructure for its 46 electric bus fleet, including a 545 kW solar canopy that will provide 25% of the total expected energy consumption.

The California bus system partnered with AMPLY Power, which will manage all aspects of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, from design and installation to operations and maintenance.

Under the agreement with AMPLY, ATN will receive the charging infrastructure for a fixed price per kWh consumed over the life of the contract. ATN expects to save $4.8 million in fuel over 20 years compared to liquid natural gas or compress natural gas thanks to the installed solar canopy that will charge its 46 electric buses.

"This project marks a significant step for our community by working towards our 100 percent electric bus fleet," Diana Kotler, Executive Director at ATN, said in a statement. "Collaborating with AMPLY Power helps ensure our electric transit operations run smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We look forward to the success of this project, growing our electrification program exponentially."

The fleet of ATN buses covers transportation in and around Anaheim, including large employment centers like The Disneyland Resort, Knott's Berry Farm, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim Stadium and Honda Center. The company is currently pursuing a goal of becoming California’s first all-electric bus fleet.

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