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Sourcing Renewables  -  November 17, 2020

McDonald's Italia to install EV charging stations at 100 locations

McDonald’s Italia announced Nov. 4 that it will be installing 200 new electric vehicle charging stations at 100 of its restaurant car parks in Italy.

The installations will be completed by Enel X and will allow two vehicles to be charged at a time. The two charging stations are the JuicePole model, which has a capacity to charge up to 22 kW, and the JuicePumps, with at least 50 kW of capacity, both of which allow a car to be charged in an average of 30 minutes. 

“We are the biggest restaurant chain in the world and we feel we should get directly involved in some of today's more urgent social and environmental challenges,” Tommaso Valle, Corporate Relations and Sustainability Director at McDonald’s Italia, said in a statement. “Through a new partnership with Enel X, which we are really proud of, we can confirm our daily commitment towards reduced environmental impact, making us the promoters of a culture of sustainability, and making the services and tools that contribute to that goal more and more accessible - to our customers first and foremost.”

In total, the two charging stations working at maximum output have the potential to create net savings of over 1,800 tons of CO2. The first stations will be installed at McDonald’s locations in Desio, Eboli, Loreto, San Benedetto del Tronto, Ancona and Osimo.

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