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GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  November 19, 2020

Henkel joins The Climate Pledge

Henkel announced Nov. 18 that it has joined The Climate Pledge and is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040, ten years ahead of the Paris Agreement.

A key part of the consumer and industrial product manufacturer’s pursuit of this goal will be collaborating with its value chain and measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis.

Henkel plans to implement changes to its business operations to improve its emissions and energy consumption, including efficiency upgrades, renewable energy, materials reductions and other emissions elimination strategies. The remaining emissions will be neutralized with offsets.

"Climate change is a global challenge, which requires our collective action. At Henkel, we want to make a positive contribution to protecting the climate. Based on our achievements to date and in line with our ambitions for the coming years, we are very pleased to join and support the Climate Pledge," CEO Carsten Knobel said in a statement. "Together with Amazon, Global Optimism and the other signatories, we are fully committed to drive tangible progress and jointly take action to limit global warming."

Henkel previously announced a target to become climate-positive by 2040, which would be aided by the pursuit of net zero emissions by 2040. In the interim, the company has set targets to reduce its emissions from production by 65% before 2025 and 75% before 2030 from a 2010 baseline. Additionally, it is targeting 100% renewable energy sourcing by 2030.

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