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Solar  -  March 23, 2021

NYC Housing Authority apartments receive community solar installations

Solar installations totalling 1 MW of energy capacity are being installed on the rooftops of three New York City Housing Authority developments by a newly-trained team of NYCHA residents.

The first installation was already completed through Con Edison’s Community Power program at Carver Houses in Manhattan, and work now begins on Glenwood Houses and Kingsborough Houses in Brooklyn.

The NYCHA expects at least 400 low- and moderate-income Con Edison customers to save about $120 a year in electricity costs through the new solar power installations. Customers will opt-in with a subscription fee, which will always be 20% less than the full dollar value of the solar energy credits they receive.

"We are proud to facilitate solar teams that connect NYCHA residents to green careers, both in their communities and throughout New York City," Vlada Kenniff, vice president for Energy & Sustainability for NYCHA, said in a statement. "These partnerships provide our residents with low-cost solar energy and a wider opportunity to participate in the clean energy workforce." 

Con Edison will be paying leasing fees to the host NYCHA developments for the use of the rooftops for the solar panels. Solar One is providing training and education for the project.

Local groups Green City Force and WE ACT worked with NYCHA on recruiting applicants for the apprenticeships, who work with Accord Power on the installations. The New York City Community Energy Co-op will manage customer subscriptions of the project.

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