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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  May 27, 2021

City of La Crosse Proceeds With Next Phase of Energy Projects

The City of La Crosse, Wis., is launching the next phase of a sustainability project that will generate $7.98 million in total energy savings and reduce energy use by 35% over the next 20 years.

This next phase, executed by Johnson Controls, will include the installation of solar arrays and energy efficiency technology at city fire stations, community libraries and several city parks. The city will also upgrade to LED lighting across city street lighting.

The initial phases of the project included infrastructure updates and the addition of four 100 kW solar arrays at City Hall, the La Crosse Center, the main public library and the Municipal Service Center.

"We set ambitious sustainability goals to support our community for generations to come. I'm proud to see the incredible progress we have been able to make working with Johnson Controls over the past three years," Mayor Mitch Reynolds said in a statement. "These updates will not only reduce the city's environmental impact and achieve cost efficiency, but they will also attract more people and businesses to La Crosse by making a more comfortable and vibrant place to live and work, without costing taxpayers a dime. We've built great momentum through our initial phases, and as we begin the new one, this is only the beginning of our city's commitment to a greener future."

The second phase progressing now will generate an additional $3.2 million in energy savings and reduce emissions by over 900 metric tons over 15 years.

The three phases to the sustainability plan are funded through a performance contract and will include a total of over $9 million in investments without diverting from the city’s capital budget. The city also leveraged $360,000 in grants from Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy and Xcel Energy credits and incentives.

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