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Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  September 1, 2021

Google Inks Deal for 140 MW of Clean Energy for German Operations

Google will soon power its German operations with 24/7 carbon-free energy through a new supply agreement.

The tech company entered into a three-year deal with ENGIE for 24/7 clean energy from wind and solar farms on an annual basis. The deal covers 140 MW of renewable electricity to be provided to Google.

“We selected ENGIE based on its expertise in the field of decarbonization and its ability to transform how clean energy is supplied”, Marc Oman, senior lead of data center energy and infrastructure at Google, said in a statement“Google has been leading the way towards a carbon-free future for over a decade, and as we look forward, our goal of running entirely on 24/7 carbon-free energy around the world by 2030 will require collaboration and partnerships with energy leaders like ENGIE, that are jointly committed to long-term, sustainable energy practices.”

This procurement will help Google in its ambition to power 80% of its German operations with carbon-free power by 2022 and source 100% carbon-free energy globally for its data centers, cloud regions, and offices by 2030.

ENGIE will also provide energy management services, such as sourcing of residual supply, balancing pool management, grid management, and more.

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