City of St. Louis Offers EV Shuttle Rides to Elderly - Smart Energy Decisions

Energy Efficiency  -  October 1, 2021

City of St. Louis Offers EV Shuttle Rides to Elderly

The City of St. Louis launched Sept. 30 a new electric vehicle shuttle service that will provide non-emergency rides and food distribution services to seniors across the city.

The St. Louis Vehicle Electrification Rides for Seniors (SiLVERS) program was implemented by advocacy group Forth and will offer such rides from the Northside Youth and Senior Service Center and City Seniors Inc. for medical appointments, shopping trips, social activities and more. The program was made possible through a partnership between Northside Youth and Senior Service Center (NYSSC), City Seniors Inc. (CSI), North Newstead Association (NNA), and the St. Louis Agency on Aging (SLAAA). 

The electric vehicle shuttle program will help St. Louis maintain its standing as one of the 25 winning cities in the Bloomberg Philanthropies American Cities Climate Challenge (ACCC), focused on rescue city transportation and buildings emissions. Forth was awarded a grant from the U.S. DOE. through this partnership specifically to fund the SiLVERS program.

“The City of St. Louis is honored to be an instrumental partner on this innovative electric vehicle program focused on our seniors,” Maurice K. Muia, City of St. Louis climate advisor, said in a statement. “Not only does this program align with our climate action and adaptation plan, but it ensures that we improve the lives of the most vulnerable. This program puts the City on a path to lower emissions, a better mobility experience, and lower operating costs. That is a win-win for the City of St. Louis and it makes us proud to lead in the Midwest.”

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