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Commercial, Energy Efficiency  -  October 4, 2021

32 Mid-Atlantic Wendy's Locations Receive No-Cost Energy Upgrades

A collection of Wendy’s locations across North Carolina, Virginia and New Jersey will soon undergo an energy efficiency overhaul that includes no-cost HVAC replacements, new LED lighting, refrigeration controls and monitoring.

The 32 franchisees will receive the upgrades through Budderfly’s Energy Management Solution. Lennox will be responsible for replacing old HVAC units with efficient models and performing service and maintenance on all HVAC brands at locations within Superior Restaurants Group, the Wendy’s parent company.

The HVAC upgrades were prioritized after several locations were found to have moisture issues resulting from faulty systems, leading to further maintenance concerns.

“This was a common theme we witnessed in many of the locations,” Todd Bialow, CEO at Superior Restaurant Group, said in a statement. “Some stores did not have thermostats in the right place and others had no thermostats at all. One of the first things we needed to do was get the thermostats programmed  properly and then address the condition of the units themselves.”

The no-cost energy improvements will allow the restaurants to track power usage in real-time and optimize power consumption. Superior Restaurant Group will have 32 HVAC rooftop systems replaced and all lighting upgraded to LED.

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