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Sourcing Renewables  -  February 9, 2022

Element Critical’s Data Centers Powered 100% by Renewables

Element Critical, an owner and operator of tailored IT infrastructure solutions, announced that it signed a PPA to provide 100% renewable energy to power its Houston and Austin colocation data centers.  

The agreement was signed with  NextEra Energy Resources, LLC; a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources will provide the renewable energy.

Element Critical's agreement is part of its goal to operate a 100% carbon neutral footprint.  

“NextEra Energy Resources has been pivotal in advising our teams and accelerating our renewable energy initiatives," said Ken Parent, CEO of Element Critical in a statement. "We are excited to announce this first initiative as part of our goal to have 100% carbon offsets in place across our entire data center portfolio by 2025.  Yet, our corporate commitment extends beyond PPAs, as our ultimate goal is to directly procure and generate 100% zero-carbon energy through a combination of on-site generation projects and direct utility provisioned 100% green energy by 2030."  

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