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GHG Emissions  -  April 5, 2022

Lenovo Sets 2050 Goal

Lenovo announced plans to achieve net zero by 2050.

The tech company is working with the Science Based Target Initiative to establish goals that support this vision. The company has been reporting on its ESG commitments for the past 14 years, including outlining its work and goals around climate change mitigation, the circular economy, and sustainable materials. 

In 2020, Lenovo exceeded its 2020 emission reduction goals a year ahead of schedule and has already established science-based targets for 2030.

“My vision for Lenovo’s innovation is to become one of the world’s leading ICT companies, a pioneer and enabler of intelligent transformation,” said Chairman and CEO, Yuanqing Yang in a statement. “Our investment plan will center around the 'Client-Edge-Cloud-Network-Intelligence' architecture, with a three-track approach to focus on short-, medium- and long-term payback. Our intention is to optimize between technology with quick market returns and foundational research, and between continuous improvement and breakthrough innovation.”

Lenovo continues to focus significantly on ESG through all its operations from the use of innovative recycled materials in products such as the ThinkPad Z series launched in January 2022, to the use of carbon neutral flights for cargo shipments.

In FY 2020/21, the company’s initiatives for energy reduction included the installation of low-energy lighting and related electrical equipment, energy efficiency improvements to HVAC systems, better insulation and improving computer server room energy efficiency.

The company’s renewable energy installations include solar hot water facilities in Beijing and solar electric generation plants in Hefei and Wuhan, China as well as Whitsett and Morrisville, NC, U.S. At the end of FY 2020/21, the solar capacity of all projects was approximately 16 MW.

Lenovo’s target was to achieve 30 MW of owned or leased renewable energy generation capacity globally. The final phase of this commitment includes evaluating energy installations in Brazil and Mexico of approximately 14 MW.

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