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Commercial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  July 7, 2022

Kilroy Realty Adds Three Solar Sites

Kilroy Realty Corporation announced that it has completed three onsite solar installations in San Diego and San Francisco.

 With these systems energized, Kilroy now hosts over 6 MW of solar spanning across 13 assets, demonstrating Kilroy's continued commitment to scaling its renewable energy installations throughout its California portfolio.

“Installing onsite solar is a critical tool for Kilroy as we work to decarbonize the built environment, allowing us to generate clean energy onsite, deliver long-term value to Kilroy, our tenants and our shareholders, as well as provide a visible demonstration of our commitment to sustainability,” said Sarah King, Kilroy’s Senior Vice President, Sustainability, in a statement.

The solar projects are installed behind the meter, allowing the solar energy generated to be used onsite, reducing the buildings’ electrical grid demand to optimize building efficiency while benefiting Kilroy’s tenants. The projects are owned and operated by Stronghold Engineering and Lamb Energy, and the deals were facilitated by Black Bear Energy.



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