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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  July 21, 2022

U.S. Steel Achieves Progress On Reducing Emissions

U.S. Steel Corporation made progress towards achieving its goal to reduce GHG emissions intensity by 20% by 2030 with a 16% reduction from the 2018 baseline to 2021.

The steel producer also completed acquisition of the only LEED-certified steel-making facility in the U.S. called Big River Steel and recycled 73% more scrap steel than in 2020.

Details were given in its 2021 Sustainability Report highlighting its investment in sustainable and advanced steelmaking technologies.

“I am excited about the significant progress we continue to make on our sustainability goals and what it means for our people, customers, communities and products,” said David B. Burritt, U. S. Steel President and CEO in a statement. “We can’t stand still when it comes to sustainability and are delivering profitable steel solutions by investing in sustainable and advanced steelmaking technologies that meet our business and customers’ goals while also reducing our greenhouse gas emissions intensity.”



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