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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  December 6, 2022

DOE Gives Energy Improvement Grants to Schools  

The U.S. Department of Energy launched the first round of the Renew America's Schools grant program initiative.

This investment in K-12 public schools will help impoverished and rural school districts across the nation make energy improvements to school facilities to achieve more significant cost savings.

The grant has a general fund of $500 million that will enable schools to convert to renewable energy sources such as solar to lower costs, replace internal combustion engine (ICE) buses with electric vehicles and implement upgrades to HVAC systems and filtration to improve efficiency and indoor air quality.,

SinglePoint, Inc., a renewable solar energy and sustainable solutions provider supports the grant from the DOE.

"Public schools have been historically underfunded,” said Wil Ralston, CEO of SinglePoint, in a statement. “The investments made to improve our nation's schools over the past few years have been historic in terms of dollars available. We have positioned ourselves to help our school-based clients apply for and receive these funds and put them to use effectively and meaningfully. As we transition to the 'electrification of everything,' solar will continue and is the most important and cost-effective way to support the need for new electrical generation. Schools are a major opportunity for solar as energy is usually one of the highest expenses. They typically have a large footprint for solar installations to offset their energy costs. As electric vehicles become more prominent, charging at school will be necessary. Offering a full solution makes it easier for our clients to manage and coordinate projects of this scale."

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