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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  December 12, 2022

The Evergreen State College Updates for Energy Savings

The Evergreen State College signed a $3.8 million energy savings performance contract. 

The 16-month agreement with Willdan Group Inc. to upgrade Lab II calls for Willdan to design, provide, and install new laboratory-grade HVAC control valves, direct digital control platform integration with advanced energy-saving strategies, and to refurbish the college's 50-year-old HVAC systems. The company will also improve fume hood safety and operation, helping avoid classroom disruptions related to indoor air quality. 

The improvements will prioritize repairing and rebuilding existing equipment and use electric and gas bill savings to offset some costs.

This is Willdan’s third project with Evergreen. Most recently, Willdan implemented upgrades to Lab I and the Central Steam Plant, successfully reducing gas consumption by 25%. The goal of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions with every facilities improvement project demonstrates Evergreen’s commitment to social responsibility. 

“Our labs act as a training ground for tomorrow’s chemists, biologists, doctors, and engineers,” said William Ward, Chief Administrative Officer at Evergreen, in a statement. “These upgrades help us avoid costly mechanical failures while also ensuring our students’ continued safety as they learn and pursue their futures. We look forward to working with Willdan again, as their engineering and project management made the upgrades at our other laboratory go smoothly.”


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