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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  February 16, 2023

General Motors To Use Sustainable Steel

General Motors (GM) will use an advanced and sustainable steel solution called verdeX® steel that is manufactured with up to 75% fewer emissions compared to traditional blast furnace production, is made with up to 90% recycled content and is endlessly recyclable without degradation.

The steel will be manufactured by United States Steel Corporation at Big River Steel, a LEED Certified® facility that also meets the ResponsibleSteel™ Standard site certification, along with a new advanced technology mill under construction in Osceola, Ark. 

The steel produced at the Big River Steel facility will begin shipping to GM manufacturing facilities starting this year.

“This agreement is an example of how we are innovating with our suppliers to create lower-emission products for our customers,” said Jeff Morrison, GM vice president of Global Purchasing and Supply Chain in a statement. “It also highlights how strong supplier relationships can help build a better future.”

When complete, U. S. Steel’s new $3 billion facility currently under construction in Osceola, Ark., will use advanced technology to expand production of sustainable advanced high-strength and electrical steels, including expanding our verdeX® steel offering which will be widely available to manufacturers and can help lower their carbon footprint.


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