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Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  February 28, 2023

JetBlue Offers Customers Choice to Fund Sustainable Air Travel

JetBlue announces a partnership with a climate tech company to advance the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). 

JetBlue customers will now be able to join JetBlue in advocating for SAF adoption through a climate platform powered by CHOOOSE. The platform enables customers to estimate the CO2 emissions of their flights and address these emissions by contributing to a fund dedicated to covering the cost premium of SAF as compared to conventional jet fuel.

In 2022, roughly 0.3% of JetBlue’s fuel consumed was SAF. By contributing toward the purchase of additional SAF through CHOOOSE, JetBlue customers can send a critical signal of consumer demand for more sustainable air travel options and help grow the emerging SAF market.

“We are proud of our industry-leading commitments and actions but recognize reaching our aggressive goals will require the partnership and support of multiple stakeholders,” said Sara Bogdan, director of sustainability and environmental social governance, JetBlue in a statement. “With this new platform, customers are now able to measurably reduce the environmental impact of air travel, as well as join their voices with JetBlue and our growing list of partners as we work and advocate for a more sustainable future of aviation.”

JetBlue plans to convert 10% of the airline’s total fuel to be SAF by 2030. JetBlue has been flying regularly using SAF from its California airports in San Francisco and Los Angeles, partnering with both currently available SAF suppliers in the U.S., Neste and World Energy. To further encourage a vibrant and competitive market, in 2022 alone, JetBlue signed agreements with three additional SAF producers for future supply: Aemetis, AIR COMPANY, and Fidelis New Energy.

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