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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  June 9, 2023

Tetra Pak Decarbonizes Food Systems

Tetra Pak announced it reduced GHG emissions by 39%, with 84% of the energy from renewable sources, which puts the company on track to achieving net zero by 2030. These milestones across climate and other environmental areas demonstrate how sustainability guides its business strategy and is prioritized in decision-making.

These results were provided in the company's Sustainability Report FY22.

Adolfo Orive, President & CEO of Tetra Pak, announced in a statement, “The current operating environment has emphasized the need for integrated, systemic solutions. This is the only way we can meet the scale and speed of change required to strengthen food access while reducing the environmental impact, in a way that leaves no one behind. This is why we have taken a holistic approach across five interconnected and interdependent areas where we can contribute the most - food systems, circularity, climate, nature, and social sustainability.”

Additionally, Tetra Pak facilitated the sale of 8.8 billion plant-based packages and 11.9 billion plant-based caps, which translated into 131 kilo tonnes of CO2 savings. The company also invested nearly €30 million to accelerate the recycling of beverage cartons, while partnering with food technology incubators to explore the future of sustainable food.

Decarbonizing food systems is a critical priority for Tetra Pak, as it works upstream with its suppliers on raw materials, decreases GHG emissions within its own operations, and collaborates with customers downstream to improve the environmental impact of its operations.

The company also made significant advancements in its journey to develop the world’s most sustainable food package, by testing a new fibre- barrier with the goal of replacing the aluminum foil layer, a first within food carton packages distributed under ambient conditions.

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